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Interview Questions (graduates)

What kind of questions were you asked during the interview process?


"I was asked technical questions about my college work and asked to explain my college project and identify different equipment and to show how I would perform certain tasks, asked how I would react in confrontational situations."
Graduate, Dublin
"I had to answer behavioural and technical questions mostly associated with mechanical engineering."
Graduate, Leixlip
"I was asked some logic questions; questions on my final year project; why I chose my degree and about my best and worst qualities."
Graduate, Leixlip
"There were questions examining technical skill, level of knowledge, natural interest and curiosity for the subject, questions examining the best match for my position, my background in the electronics area, college and hobby projects."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Questions included: describe a time when you had to take on board feedback from another party and alter how you explained something. Describe a time when you worked in cooperation with someone else."
Graduate, Dublin
"I was asked the standard behavioural questions (how do you work in a team etc.), as well as a bit about my final year research project, and was asked to give an example of a time when I solved a problem from a previous job in the same area. Other people were asked specific problem-solving questions (how to fix a phone etc.)."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Questions examining skill, knowledge level and preferred area of electronics. Previous projects including final year college project and hobby/freelance projects. Explaining the inner workings and problems encountered also solutions to the problems."
Graduate, Leixlip
"The interviewer asked me about my college course, what my favourite subjects were and why. There was also a technical part involving identifying circuits and working through problems."
Graduate, Kildare

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