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Interview Questions


"I was asked a number of open ended questions which seemed to relate to organisational skills, sales, behavioural tests and interpersonal business skills."
Entry level, Dublin
"Questions included: Why do you want to work with enterprise? What qualities can you bring to add to our philosophies? What experience do you have? Do you have a drive to run your own business?"
Entry level, Dublin
"You will need several examples, e.g. how you went above and beyond for a customer, where do you see yourself in ten years, how you dealt with customer service."
Graduate, Dublin
"My interview included several role-plays alongside questions such as: What do you want to gain from a career at enterprise? What will you bring to the company?"
Graduate, Shannon
"I was asked a variety of questions regarding customer service, sales, work ethic, leadership, and communication."
Experienced, Dublin
"I was asked about my experience, leadership skills, sales experience, and for some examples of good customer service."
Graduate, Cork
"Competency questions....Give me an example of a difficult situation and how you overcame it etc."
Graduate, Dublin
"I was asked questions relating to various customer service scenarios, as well as on the subject of sales, leadership and communication."
Midlevel, Dublin
"Questions included: Why do you want work for Enterprise? Do you have a sales background? Do you have a customer service background?"
Graduate, Dublin
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