Interview Questions


"I was given questions on my education and experience, and where I saw myself going. I also had to show why I picked the company."
Graduate, Naas
"I was asked a lot of situation-based questions, which are ideal, as you are the expert in this situation and it puts you at ease talking about things you know."
Graduate, Naas
"You should know your CV inside out and have plenty of examples of working as a team. Always swing a negative question into a positive response."
Graduate, Naas
"My knowledge of today's food and beverage industry was tested, and I was given competency based questions."
Graduate, Naas
"I had to show why I'd chosen to work at Kerry and why I would be a good fit. This was in addition to demonstrating a time when you showed courage in the workplace, and how I had as part of a team to reach an end goal, showing what challenges came up and how I overcame them."
Graduate, Listowel
"During my interview I was given general competency questions, asked to provide information about myself and had to answer questions on the food industry."
Graduate, Shillelagh
"I had to provide specific examples of how I had overcome something different in the workplace, and what I would do in X situation and why."
Graduate, Newcastle
"I was asked a lot about what I had studied and previous jobs/internships. Some questions were based around what I could bring to a team and then there were some competency based questions. In the assessment centre, as well as the interview, we were required to do a presentation and group exercise, as well as an interview."
Graduate, Naas
"I was asked competency questions, questions about flexibility and mobility and some about the business (site location, products, competitors)."
Graduate, Leeds
"Questions were varying here and included why the company should choose me. I also had to talk my interviewer through my educational history and identify my strengths and weaknesses. They may throw a curve ball and tell you that your experiences do not match the role, it is up to you to play on your transferable skills and make it apply to the role you are being interviewed for. Ownership and innovation are everything in Kerry."
Graduate, Naas
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