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Interview Questions


What kind of questions were you asked during the interview process?


"I was given teamwork focused questions, and asked why I wanted to work for Accenture. Questions also surrounded my experiences at college and extra-curricular activities."
Graduate, Dublin
"I had to justify why I made certain choices: my Leaving Cert subjects, college course and major modules etc. I had varying questions about different team dynamics I have experienced, and was asked why I wanted to work here."
Graduate, Dublin
"I was given a question on why I wanted to be a consultant, and who I admired in technology. This was alongside giving examples of how I worked in a team and how I handled any difficult individuals."
Graduate, Dublin
"My questions included giving examples: a time when I had to lead and when I had to work as part of a team to overcome an obstacle, for instance. I was also asked why I want to work for Accenture, what I thought I would be doing in the company, and had to tell my interviewer about my current studies. Then I had to say where I wanted to be in five years' time."
Graduate, Dublin
"I was asked why I wanted to work for Accenture, and if I had multiple projects ongoing at the same time, how I would prioritise this workload and expectations of me."
Graduate, Dublin
"The first interview consisted of standard competency based questions, including some on teamwork, leadership and business acumen, etc.) The next interview was more about getting to know me, so the questions were more tailored to me as an individual. I was asked to talk through my CV, to show how I would keep up with the work and adhere to strict deadlines, and why I think I would be a good fit."
Graduate, Dublin
"I had to show what motivates me and what I think makes a great leader, and where I want to be within five years."
Entry level, Dublin


"Questions I was asked included: "Tell me of a time you were resilient?" "Describe a problem you overcame?" "Why do I want to work with Accenture?"."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"I was asked competency based questions such as: "A time you showed leadership", "Solved a problem", "Showed initiative". Then more general questions about Accenture and why I wanted to work there, what I could contribute."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"Standard skill-based questions on the basis of my CV in early rounds and then later rounds focused on who you are as a person, what drives you, what you want out of the company and where you see yourself in five-ten years."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"Mainly competency-based questions where you describe situations when you demonstrated good leadership, teamwork, motivation, etc. I was also asked about times when I came up against difficulties and how I reacted. Finally, be prepared for questions on your CV and why you made certain decisions like your college course, previous work placements, etc."
Midlevel, Dublin
"I was asked what new technology interests me. What projects I did in college. What hobbies and interests I have."
Technology, Graduate, Dublin
"Why Accenture? Why Consulting? Asked for background on myself and my different experiences. Strong focus also on my extra-curriculars."
Strategy, Graduate, Dublin
"I was asked: why are you interested in working for Accenture? Why do you want to work in consulting? Give me an example of a time when you managed conflict within a team/displayed leadership/communication skills/ability to manage your time. What are your weaknesses?"
Midlevel, Dublin
"The interviews are very competency based. The interviewers will want to see if you can fit into the Accenture culture and your desire to work at Accenture. You will also be asked a lot of situational type of questions - "Tell me about a time when you showed leadership, etc"."
Graduate, Dublin

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