Interview Questions (graduates)

What kind of questions were you asked during the interview process?


"Why Accenture? Where do you see yourself in five years? What do you think a day in the life of an analyst is like?"
Graduate, Dublin
"Very competency-focused throughout the interview process. Two of my questions were: why do you want to work in Accenture? And: why consulting? One round consists of a business case study, which is difficult to prepare for. My only suggestion is to tackle it as you would any problem as they are looking to see how you approach an issue, irrespective of your answer."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"I was mainly asked about social media and digital topics. This is where I expressed an interest in working and what I had experience in."
Graduate, Dublin
"I was asked a lot about my final year project in college as well as my previous work and my personal life. Accenture is looking for great people that will be a good fit for the company."
Graduate, Dublin
"General competency-based questions that were mostly asking me if I possessed a certain quality or how I would handle a particular situation."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"Tell me about yourself. What is your biggest weakness? Tell me about a time when you had to adapt your communication style. Why Accenture? Tell me about Accenture's competitors. Tell me about a time you faced a challenge with a person in a team and how did you overcome this challenge? There were also follow up questions to my responses but the questions all focused on the key skill areas Accenture hire on. It's important that those applying get these areas across in their responses and display their ability to learn."
Graduate, Dublin

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