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Interview Questions


"There were questions about my past experience and I was asked for examples of when I had used certain skills."
Marketing, Mid level, London
"I was asked a mixture of competency-based and technical questions."
Graduate, Dublin
"The assessment was on group behaviour, while my face-to-face interview was more on my background and technical knowledge. One of the recurrent questions is: how did you overcome a problem and what was the solution?"
Entry level, Berlin, Germany
"Explain a situation where you had to adapt. Explain a situation where you had to overcome resistance to change. Why do you want to join Aryzta?"
Mid level, Southall
"The interview started with me being asked to go through my CV. From there it moved onto competency questions."
Human Resources, Graduate, Dublin
"I was asked about my degree, university life and certain modules I completed. There was a focus on whether I was goal driven and what my biggest achievement was. I was asked a lot about how persistent I was in finding answers to questions, which was a key element of the role I was applying for. There was also a small discussion around some of the other jobs I've had in terms of dealing with difficult employers and customers and how I managed to overcome any issues I had."
Graduate, Dublin
"I was asked to give examples of when I had: shown initiative, worked in a team, demonstrated leadership and dealt with conflict or difficult people."
Graduate, Dublin - Clondalkin, Grange Castle Business Park
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