Interview Questions


"I was asked about the projects I had worked on during my internship and what I had learned from them. Why did I want a career at Kingspan? What made me choose marketing as a career path? Did I want to travel? I was also asked situational questions such as how I would launch a new product in Germany and how I would approach the acquisition of a new company."
Marketing, Graduate, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan
"What experiences have you learned from university that can be applied to working for a company like Kingspan?"
Graduate, Kingscourt
"As it was a graduate role that I applied for, the questions were mainly based around past college work and part-time jobs that I had worked in. The management were looking to find a good fit for the company and their team as much as academic skills."
Graduate, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
"Are you willing to travel? How would your friends describe you? I was also asked questions about my CV and previous experience as well as how I felt previous experiences could help me in this role."
Graduate, Portadown
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