Interview Questions


"The interviewer creates a scenario and you then answers questions around the scenario, and what you would do best. Other questions were in relation to your experience, and the interviewers tended to use your stories to find out information about time management, leadership, etc."
HR, Graduate, Naas
"I was asked how I would find the store training, where I saw myself in five years, whether I had experience managing people, why working for Lidl appealed to me, what I felt that I could bring to the department, etc. During my presentation I was also asked specific questions regarding my proposal, and I then had to defend my position when the Head of Advertising questioned some of my points."
Graduate, Newbridge
"My interview involved questions about me, and what strengths and weakness were, and about my experiences. I was also asked why I chose Lidl as an employer, and what my goals were."
Supply Chain, Midlevel, Kildare
"Questions included: what are your strengths and weaknesses? Why do you want to work for Lidl? How have you overcome a tough situation in the past?"
HR, Midlevel, Kildare
"What motivates you? Tell me about your qualifications? What can you bring to Lidl? Why Lidl? Describe yourself in three words? What's your management style?"
Human Resources, Graduate, Cork
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