Interview: Tips & Advice


"I uploaded my CV online and then had a telephone interview followed by a face-to-face interview and logic test. It is important to complete thorough company research and to sell yourself well. Highlight your confidence, communication and team-working abilities."
Human Resources, Graduate, Newry
"The interview process was short and concise. I attended an interview session in Newry where I met two HR representatives, sat a logic test and participated in a group exercise. In preparation, I would advise being confident in your own ability, speak about your past experience and spend some time researching FD in advance."
Graduate, Dublin
"It's a straightforward application process where you apply online and have interviews by telephone. Research FD and the CMTP prior to your interview."
Graduate, Stockholm
"I would recommend covering all aspects of the company in detail."
Entry level, Newry


"I would recommend researching the company and really understand what it is that First Derivatives provides."
Midlevel, Toronto
"Know the company and what they do. Know the products they sell and the companies they are partnered with. Know which stream you are interested in joining and why."
Finance, Experienced, New York
"Read a bit about the company and where they're going. If you don't currently keep up-to-date with the news, have a read because some of the interviews ask your opinion on events which have happened in the last few days/weeks in global affairs. Practise the thought process for a few logical problems - i.e. estimating the number of planes flying over the UK, number of petrol stations in the UK, etc. Hitting the right answer isn't important but having a good logical thought process is!"
Capital Markets, Midlevel, Sydney
"Researching the company is key to success, all information is on their website. Being polite and friendly and showing a genuine keen interest in the company and what they do will help a lot."
HR, Intern, Newry
"Before the interview, read up about recent news on the company, research financial lingo and basic concepts. During the interview try to be relaxed."
Graduate, Newry
"First Derivatives want people who can work hard but also have a good personality. If you are applying for the graduate programme you should probably be willing to travel - as there are great opportunities for this."
Graduate, Newry
"Be confident in your experience and be able to talk convincingly around all the information detailed on your CV."
Entry level, Montreal
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