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Interview: Tips & Advice (graduates)

What kind of candidates does your firm look to hire? What tips and advice would you offer potential candidates? How would you recommend candidates best prepare for the interview?


"My advice is to study the company's roles and corporate strategy, and have a good understanding of the market."
Graduate, Dublin
"Be aware of the market and any key sales that are currently live. Research the company and understand the different business lines and key personnel. Additionally, review technical notes and review valuation methodology."
Graduate, Dublin
"Candidates should be up-to-date with what is happening in the property sector in the weeks/months preceding the interview. Focus on innovation and forward thinking, and also demonstrate your strengths not just in a working environment, but also outside of work - out of work activities are valued highly in Savills."
Graduate, Dublin
"Prepare and understand the property market, economic conditions and active players. Also, read up on newspapers and key instructions/properties that have recently transacted."
Graduate, Dublin
"Study market conditions and have an understanding of the type of work that the company undertakes before the interview."
Graduate, Dublin
"Revise the practical aspects of the university course and speak with people in the industry to get an idea of what they do."
Graduate, Dublin
"Do your homework and know the current market conditions. Candidates should ask questions and show a real interest in property."
Graduate, Cork
"I would recommend they read over the property sections in publications such as Estates Gazette and the Irish Times so they have an idea what is happening in the market. I would advise they spend time looking at topics they covered in university, and what they based their dissertation on. Look at the qualities which Savills ask for in their employees and see how you match those."
Graduate, Dublin

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