Serious Character Wanted

Interview: Tips & Advice


"Candidates should know about the brand and about the things which the brand has done. It is good to use examples of what you have seen other graduates do and talk about them, and also come with your own ideas."
Graduate, Dublin and Helsinki
"Be yourself, if you´re right for the job you will get it. Be humble, yet confident in your abilities, show your passion for the brand, do lots of research into Jameson and give your personal opinion on these activities."
Marketing, Graduate, Madrid, Spain
"Ensure to let your personality shine through at all stages. A huge part of the role is being outgoing, witty and charismatic so if you are these things, make sure Jameson see it."
Marketing, Graduate, Manchester
"Do well on the parts of the process that you can control. Things like individual presentations and the video are an opportunity to show who you are. Talk to current ambassadors and get a real insight into the job. The job in real life is about networking so show you can do that at the interview stage."
Marketing, Graduate, Oslo, Norway
"I would highly recommend speaking with current and past ambassadors in preparation for the interviews. One unique part of the application process is the three minute video you have to make with it, and although this may seem scary, it's a great opportunity to get your personality across and prove why you're THE VITAL INGREDIENT."
Marketing, Graduate, Nantes, France
"Do some reading about respective disciplines, sales, brand marketing and trade marketing. Also, candidates should be observant across the board regarding brands."
Graduate, Johannesburg, South Africa
"I would say that being yourself in the interview is crucial, as candidates need to be real and show that they can bring something remarkable and new to the company. Show your creative side and don't be shy to show off your talents."
Graduate, Shanghai, China
"To best prepare I would do as much research as possible on Irish Distillers and Jameson, and then the Pernod Ricard group as a whole. I would also do some research on the drinks industry in general. Definitely get in touch with at least one Jameson Brand Ambassador (we're really easy to find on Facebook or LinkedIn). Above all be yourself, that's what they want to see through your video, and personality is a huge part of the role."
Marketing, Graduate, Nicosia, Cyprus
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