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Interview: Tips & Advice (graduates)

What kind of candidates does your firm look to hire? What tips and advice would you offer potential candidates? How would you recommend candidates best prepare for the interview?


"Be yourself and relax. Don't put too much pressure on yourself - try to enjoy the opportunity. If this is not the time for you, don't worry and keep going."
Experienced, Dublin
"Before the interview make sure you are familiar with and confident with OOP/Java. Understand how to interact with databases in Java as well as how to interact with services/messaging systems."
Entry level, Dublin
"Having good practices in code are really important, as is being sincere in the interviews. You should also do the code test carefully, making sure to pay attention to the details."
Midlevel, Dublin
"Before the interview, practice some basic coding questions, and some HR style questions."
Graduate, Dublin
"Most importantly, know the company, know our products, know our mission, and know the required responsibilities/competencies of the role you are interviewing for."
Entry level, Dublin
"When it comes to the interview don't just wing it; have a look over common coding practices and techniques beforehand. You don't need to get everything right but they are looking to see that you have an understanding of the subject and the ability to learn anything you don't know."
Graduate, Dublin
"Know everything on your CV as they may ask about anything on your CV. You should also prepare for a whiteboard session."
Entry level, Dublin
"You should have a very good knowledge of Java and best programming practices. Be prepared to talk and show you will be a nice person to work with."
Midlevel, Dublin

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