Interview: Tips & Advice


"The application process is thorough and challenging but can be enjoyable. The important thing is to be confident, believe you can do all the challenges set and let your personality show through. Take your time throughout the process, think about your responses and answers and do not panic."
Graduate, Johor Bahru
"You need to know the size and structure of the company, and its management."
Graduate, Naas
"You can prepare best by reading about market trends and being confident in your own abilities. Also, use this as a chance for you to find out more, and ask specifics about what the job role will require of you."
Graduate, Naas
"Ensure that you have a real passion for food and communicate this when you are applying. The organisation looks for genuine, open and honest people who are hard-working and highly ambitious."
Graduate, Naas
"I found the application process to be very good and it made me feel comfortable. I think Kerry really try to express a good open culture, so I would suggest that candidates just ensure they speak to all their interviewers and relay any questions they may have as sometimes it's just as important to build a rapport with the people you may potentially be working with rather than just going into your shell a little bit."
Graduate, Listowel
"Be prepared, and research thoroughly in advance about both the role and the business."
Graduate, Newcastle
"In the interview, a problem was given and you're asked to come up with a solution. It can be approached from either the business or technical side, and are open-ended. The important part is to show that you can apply what you've learned in college, and that you can make strong arguments for your choices."
Graduate, Naas
"When applying you need to look at the Kerry website to get familiar with different technologies, products and sites of manufacture."
Graduate, Naas
"Show your passion for the role. Kerry wants people who like what they do and can work within a team. Try to understand the industry and what Kerry Group does before the interview, as this will better prepare you for interview questions."
Graduate, Dublin
"The interview process involves a phone interview, aptitude tests and an assessment centre. Have examples of competencies prepared for the interview and have an idea of where you would like to see your career progress."
Graduate, Stockholm
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