Interview: Tips & Advice


"The candidate should ensure that they know the company, its culture and how it works, and I'd advise that they visit one of the stores. Also, don't be afraid to use hobbies and non-work related stories to show your skill set, i.e. leadership in a sports team."
HR, Graduate, Naas
"Research the company well and read up about the role you are applying for. Visit a store and see if this is the type of company you want to work for. I'd say that it is more about what you are willing to learn; Lidl are looking for graduates who have the potential to become senior management in the future. Many people would omit part-time jobs from their CV, but I would highlight them and explain what you learnt, so work on your transferable skills."
Graduate, Newbridge
"Research the company and familiarise yourself with the company principles. Plus, be willing to step into the unknown and challenge yourself; be flexible."
Supply Chain, Midlevel, Kildare
"Go to one of the stores. Look at it from the point of view of the department within the company which you are applying for. Try to think of suggestions/questions of your own."
Midlevel, Newbridge
"Candidates should not under-estimate the application form, and pay attention to their detail and focus on spelling and grammar, and articulate themselves clearly."
HR, Midlevel, Kildare
"Research the company, and also research the part of the business you wish to join, and how that department affects Lidl's day-to-day business, in addition to how it affects the retail industry in general."
Human Resources, Graduate, Cork
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