"The nature of consultancy work means that it can often feel separated from full-time employment by a client."
Mid level, New York
"I was originally expecting to go travelling quite quickly with the company. However, this doesn't always go to plan and I am waiting to go on client site. Due to managers being incredibly busy, it can sometimes be difficult to get a quick response."
Graduate, Newry
"The location of Newry is not always ideal compared to Belfast or Dublin."
Mid level, Newry, NI
"Those based at HQ do not benefit from the expenses and accommodation package."
Mid level, Newry
"The work can be challenging and some of the modules in the training programme are quite difficult."
Graduate, London
"Career development can be slow."
Graduate, Newry


"Because it's a very close-knit environment, it can sometimes be difficult to raise any issues anonymously."
Human Resources, Graduate, Newry
"There's little choice in the location you work in but you are well prepared for this."
Graduate, Dublin
"Some tasks are monotonous, but this will be the case with any job."
Human Resources, Entry level, Newry
"The method of claiming expenses means having to keep every receipt, which can be tricky on site."
Graduate, Dublin
"There can sometimes be an inconsistent level of workflow."
Entry level, Newry


"Sometimes graduates don't get placed in a location they were hoping for but First Derivatives will always try and replace an employee as soon as possible."
Midlevel, Toronto
"When on a long term project there can be very little communication from First Derivatives."
Finance, Experienced, New York
"There can be a lack of communication at times and there isn't really a very clear career path."
Graduate, New York
"We do not get paid overtime. Occasionally long hours. Occasionally it can be stressful as well."
Graduate, Newry
"Sometimes need to work long hours."
Graduate, Newry
"Occasional lack of communication between management levels/departments."
Graduate, Frankfurt / Munich / Dublin
"There is the potential to be in Newry for prolonged periods of time."
Graduate, Newry
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