"The training provided could be more structured."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Working nights - you may find yourself losing one of your days off to sleep and tiredness after you finish your weeks work."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Intel is a very large company with established practices which are quite difficult to understand at the start."
Graduate, Leixlip
"The long hours can be quite demanding."
Graduate, Dublin
"The steep learning curve when you begin is quite difficult to deal with."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Getting used to shift work is quite hard at the start."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Being such a large company it's sometimes hard to see the wider picture and flow of the company."
Graduate, Kildare
"At the moment I feel I don't use much of the technical knowledge I learned at university."
Graduate, Leixlip
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