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Offices & Dress

7.1 / 10

(based on 17 ratings in 2014)


"We have a decent space inside the Centre of Excellence. Dress code is full business suit."
Graduate, Newry
"We have a formal dress code at all times. I would say office space is limited."
Graduate, Newry
"Our offices around the world are located in vibrant financial cities. The dress code required is formal work wear as many employees work for FD's capital market clients."
Midlevel, Toronto
"The offices are nice. We usually on-site in international banks. Everywhere I have worked has been really nice. Dress is formal attire across the board."
Finance, Experienced, New York
"I'm working in the Sydney office which is just off the water front and a two minute walk to the Harbour Bridge/Opera house, so there's a nice view during your lunch!"
Capital Markets, Midlevel, Sydney
"The company's offices are very modern, clean and spacious. The dress code for work is formal business wear."
Human Resources, Executive, Newry
"Office space is open-plan, which means no-one is cornered off or inaccessible. The dress code is smart business wear in HQ, in other offices it may be smart casual."
Graduate, Newry
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