Offices & Dress

8.5 / 10

(based on 29 ratings in 2014)


"Our office is in a good location, with plenty of parking and free shuttle bus to the city centre. The office itself is large and bright. There are a number of kitchens and showers as well as a number of table games and gaming consoles. The dress code is not strict; most people wear business casual attire."
Consulting, Midlevel, Dublin
"We have a very large, modern office space. Each desk is equipped with all hardware you'll need to work, including two 28" monitors. We have three kitchens, a library and relaxation room, two pool tables, two Xbox consoles, a PS4, many flatscreen TVs, a foosball table and fridges and cupboards fully stocked with food and drinks. The dress code is officially business casual but really as long as you aren't drawing any negative attention to yourself then anything you wear is fine."
Midlevel, Dublin
"The office space is great with kitchen and an area where you can play games (Xbox, PS4, Pool and Foosball). Dress code is fine and you can dress comfortably according to your role and/or if you are visiting customers."
Experienced, Dublin
"Good office space, with very good equipment. Dress code is business casual so there is no need to wear a suit or tie unless you wish to."
Midlevel, Dublin
"Dress code is whatever you'd like, as long as you are neat and presentable. The office is very nice, colourful and is kept clean."
Graduate, Dublin
"I work in a clean and open office space. The dress code is casual; casual trousers, a t-shirt and casual shoes are a popular choice. The location is outside of the city and so it is very accessible by car, also it is very well served by public transport, 30 minutes bus ride to city centre."
Entry level, Dublin
"They were great when I got here and they've just been refurbished and extended. It's an open floor plan, with each team given a long desk to sit at. It's located in Blanchardstown Corporate Park 1 and there are plenty of buses to the area. The kitchen is spacious, there's a small break room next to the work area for coffee and small snacks. There are showers in the office. Dress code is casual, wear what you like so long as it's clean."
Graduate, Dublin
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