Offices & Dress

8.6 / 10

(based on 50 ratings in 2015)


"The offices are nice and spacious, with good facilities. We have a gym and canteen (which serves a number of different options every day). There is also a deli counter open until 8:00pm every day."
First year trainee, Dublin
"The offices are clean, comfortable and the facilities team are excellent, as is the print room who so often help trainees. The dress code is standard for a law firm, with occasional casual days."
Second year trainee, Dublin
"The firm's office space is spacious, with our own jungle/trees on the ground floor. The facilities are modern, with a gym on the fifth floor and a canteen on the ground floor. The dress code is smart business wear with casual days being fundraiser days, such as the Calcutta Run or a bank holiday."
First year trainee, Dublin
"The office is very suitably equipped and spacious with an ideal location in the heart of the International Finances Services Centre in Dublin. The dress code involves wearing a suit and tie daily for men to match the professional nature of the firm. There are, however, plenty of casual days which are always embraced by staff."
First year trainee, Dublin
"The dress code is strict as it would be in all corporate law firms. The office is located in the heart of the International Financial Services Centre which is a real hub of activity. The office has great facilities such as a canteen and gym."
Third year trainee, Dublin
"The office is very modern and clean. All needs are catered for - there is an on-site gym, dry cleaning and a restaurant."
First year trainee, Dublin
"The location is excellent. The office's appearance and atmosphere are very pleasant and attractive. The dress code is high standard business professional."
Second year trainee, Dublin
"The dress code is professional and this standard is maintained, but it is not so strict as to hinder individuality. Space, location and facilities are all top class."
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