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8.3 / 10

(based on 32 ratings in 2015)


"Everything varies depending on what client site you are on, but Accenture itself has some of the best facilities going. Showers are supplied for cyclists and there is plenty of parking space as well."
Graduate, Dublin
"The head office in Grand Canal Square is a beautiful building - as it should be as the global headquarters. Each client site varies, for example technology companies often have quite a relaxed vibe, while financial services require smarter clothing."
Graduate, Dublin
"Accenture offices are in great condition and are very well designed. The dress code depends on which client you are based with."
Graduate, Dublin
"The head office is full of meeting/conference rooms, and has a hot desk system and a canteen. It is located in Grand Canal Square, the corporate hub of Dublin. As our projects involve clients we are away on client sites four-five days a week. These office spaces can vary depending on the client."
Graduate, Dublin
"Grand Canal Square is a beautiful office, but very tight on space. The hot desk system means that some days you can't get a desk to sit at! The company is growing incredibly fast so the lack of space may be a reflection of that. There are great views out over the canal and the square, and there is a canteen with subsidised meals too. One thing it is missing is a gym. The dress code is business formal."
Graduate, Dublin
"The offices are small as we mostly work on the client site, however they're very modern and a great place to network with colleagues and learn."
Graduate, Dublin
"Grand Canal Square is a very modern office in a great location. The dress code is a suit with no tie."
Graduate, Dublin/Warwick


"At the HQ in GCS, there is plenty of light but desk space can be limited at some times of the year."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"Our offices are fantastic. Right in the centre of the Dublin business landscape. We dress formally in our own office but you do adapt your dress attire to the culture on your client site."
Midlevel, Dublin
"The offices are very modern and in a great location, with a glass front showing views of Grand Canal Square. The facilities are top class, providing everything you need for day-to-day work, meetings and events. The dress code varies depending on the client, but generally business wear or at least smart casual (shirt and slacks) is expected."
Midlevel, Dublin
"The Accenture offices in Dublin are beautiful. However, the nature of the work means we are constantly on projects, based elsewhere. There can be huge variances between client offices."
Strategy, Graduate, Dublin
"The dress code is business casual. Office is bright and clean and well maintained. Showers are useful and encourage employees to cycle/run/walk to work."
Graduate, Dublin
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