Offices & Dress

6.8 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2016)


"The plant is quite old and uninspiring. The dress code is casual."
Graduate, Clonmel
"The office space is great but, with the company growing in size, it's hard to allocate new employees a permanent desk in some areas."
Graduate, Galway
"The quality of the IT is very poor and is below standard in my opinion – it could do with a complete overhaul. The dress code is very relaxed."
Entry level, Galway
"Working in a cleanroom, our desk space is minimal, which does not make for a great working environment. The dress code is smart casual."
Entry level, Galway
"There's currently a shortage of desks for the number of employees working in the company. I am happy with my office but some employees are left 'desk hopping'."
Graduate, Galway
"It's an acceptable office space with a great location and good facilities. The dress code is smart casual, which is comfortable as it's open to a level of interpretation."
Graduate, Galway
"The issue is not so much the office as individual desks. Some desks are located in quiet and suitable places but some are located next to corridors, printers and entrance doors that provide constant busy paths right next to the desk. The dress code is varied but you can basically wear what you want so long as you keep in mind that you're working with others, so dress respectfully."
Graduate, Galway
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