One Small Change


"I think that there could be a rotation introduced within related functions to develop variety of skills, and complement these with more formal and tailored training."
Entry level, Naas
"I feel like there could be more team building and practical training throughout the graduate programme."
Graduate, Naas
"The buddy and mentor system is great, but to make it more effective graduates could be given their buddies and mentor earlier in their first year."
Graduate, Naas
"I would say to have events at the beginning which will help the graduates bond with their colleagues in an informal environment."
Graduate, Naas
"Ideally, we should have the opportunity to move into different business areas."
Graduate, Naas
"I want there to be more focus on research and development for non-science graduates."
Graduate, Naas
"I feel that there could be more regular graduate events held as these would benefit the graduates based on sites especially."
Graduate, Naas
"I would prefer there to be sufficient time allowed for a hand-over for new graduates when they have to replace seniors going away (a minimum of two months, I would say)."
Graduate, Naas
"I would have benefited from visiting more sites earlier into the programme as part of the modules to see how other sites operate."
Graduate, Leeds
"I think that making the graduate scheme slightly longer would allow for the optimal amount of time within each rotation."
Graduate, Carrickmacross
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