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One Small Change


"I would prefer it if the company allowed graduates to have some choice or choose a project based on their skill set."
Graduate, Dublin
"Analysts would benefit from being able to see a broader sample of the business rather than sticking to one client site."
Graduate, Dublin
"Being put in a team where former graduates are would be ideal, so you can ask them all the questions you need to, as it can be difficult to get hold of your manager at times."
Graduate, Dublin
"Earlier offers of employment after the interview stages would be an improvement."
Graduate, Dublin
"Graduates being able to gain insight into which type of role they will be put into would improve things, so that if they know they are not at all suited to it they can find a different role."
Graduate, Dublin


"Reduce the entry points criteria for Master's degree holders."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"I would like there to have been more transparent scheduling of roles."
Graduate, Dublin
"I would like the company to give people help with finding accommodation in Dublin. e.g. provide a forum for graduates starting together to meet beforehand, have a site where Accenture people can promote room vacancies, etc."
Midlevel, Dublin
"I would prefer a more structured and tailored training programme."
Graduate, Dublin
"I would encourage the firm to provide better communication with applicants who receive interviews and job offers."
Graduate, Dublin
"The company should place all new joiners on defined career paths - i.e. two years on graduate scheme, etc."
Entry level, Dublin
"More opportunities to travel abroad would be great."
Graduate, Cork
"More structured training. Better monitoring of new joins work, workload, experience, etc."
Graduate, Dublin
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