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Perks (graduates)


What are the best or most unusual perks and benefits offered by your firm?


"Pension benefits and employee discounts for selected shops, hotels and services."
Graduate, Dublin
"Lots and lots of social events. The golf society is the best I have ever seen. Consistently playing the best courses in Ireland for 25 euros per round is unheard of. Late taxis and meals if working late as well as a priority lounge pass globally."
Entry level, Dublin
"Health insurance, matched pension contribution, taxis travelling between various offices, expenses when you incur work costs."
Graduate, Dublin
"The best and most unusual is definitely the priority pass card used in airport lounges all around the world. I've had free food, drink and wifi in every airport since joining Accenture."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"There are numerous competitions where the prizes are often things like tickets to corporate boxes etc."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"A social event at the end of every month that is open to everyone in the company."
Graduate, Dublin
"Great events, training opportunities, account events etc."
Graduate, Dublin
"Accenture always has great events on. I've attended numerous events with free meals and alcohol etc. I also attended global training in Chicago with Accenture graduates from all over the world – it was an all expenses paid trip and a fantastic experience, a great way to meet new people and learn new skills."
Graduate, Dublin

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