"The amount of responsibility given to me as a placement student was great."
HR, Entry level, Newry
"Being able to travel at a moment's notice to experience a new city without many of the administrative problems associated with international travel."
Mid level, New York
"When initially applying to First Derivatives, I was unaware of the level of financial training I would receive. The investment made with the graduate intake is second to none and, coming from a background in computer science, the financial knowledge I have gained in a few short months has surprised me. The ethos and atmosphere in the office are fantastic and I have made many new friends already."
Graduate, Newry
"There is a high level of responsibility given to you early on, which is great when you are just starting out and eager to prove yourself. There are a lot of opportunities for growth."
Mid level, Newry, NI
"Being given the opportunity to work for clients across the globe."
Mid level, Newry
"The opportunity to gain exposure to reputable organisations globally. Working in cities internationally with all expenses paid. FD organises social events to ensure consultants get to know each other outside of the working environment. There is a social calendar that changes each month and this is the case for all regions internationally."
Graduate, London


"We have a good team environment and a flat organisational structure so I feel comfortable asking questions."
Human Resources, Graduate, Newry
"Getting a good expenses and accommodation package."
Graduate, Dublin
"There's a lot of responsibility to go around, which is good for confidence as well as preparation for the working world after finishing university."
Human Resources, Entry level, Newry
"I find the biggest perk is the travel element. You get to travel with like-minded people and those of a similar age to you."
Graduate, Dublin
"The good atmosphere makes the place friendly and we we have a good level of responsibility as well as a good support system if required."
Entry level, Newry


"The opportunity to travel and work for some of the most successful financial institutions within the capital markets industry. Some of the locations include North America, Europe and Asia and First Derivatives work hard to ensure that you as comfortable as possible in any location you are placed in."
Midlevel, Toronto
"The exposure to international banks, the people and the travel."
Finance, Experienced, New York
"Getting to live and work in some of the best cities in the world. The young average staff age makes the company a very fun and social place to work. After your initial training FD can generally place you in a high profile team in a bank/hedge fund which it is extremely difficult to get into by applying directly."
Capital Markets, Midlevel, Sydney
"The friendly atmosphere and the very young work force. The frequent opportunities to travel."
Human Resources, Executive, Newry
"Excellent opportunity to learn, working with extremely intelligent people, desirable location."
Midlevel, Montreal
"Challenging and innovative work. Working with people all over the world. Ability to travel internationally. Rewarding work. Working with talented teams of people. Working in a team."
Graduate, Newry
"Opportunity to travel, working with top tier investment banks and funds, working with intelligent colleagues and clients, and learning new skill sets."
Entry level, Montreal
"FD offers excellent opportunities for worldwide travel, training and development and a fantastic expenses package."
Graduate, Dublin
"Level of responsibility at early stages. Level of nearby expertise. Variety in the given job roles/locations/departments/clients. Competitive salary & expenses package."
Graduate, Frankfurt / Munich / Dublin
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