Relations with Management

7.6 / 10

(based on 68 ratings in 2015)


"There is good communication between myself and my manager. The personal development planning process is very effective too."
Graduate, Naas
"My relations with management are excellent. Graduates are treated with a high level of respect from senior management, and this is one of the things I love most about Kerry!"
Graduate, Naas
"The managers in my organisation are very accessible and each graduate is given a mentor who is a great source of knowledge and information."
Graduate, Naas
"My manager is very much encouraging with my personal development and makes time when I need to speak to them. They also give feedback regularly and provide recommendations for future where I made mistakes."
Graduate, Naas
"My manager feeds excellent feedback and is a great mentor. He gives me an indication of my work performance on a monthly basis so this encourages me to address areas I am not performing as well in."
Graduate, Naas
"Relations with the management are very good, and they are very accessible and have constant interaction with employees."
Executive, london
"Senior managers are accessible and approachable. Through the grad scheme you get much more exposure to senior leaders in the business. Many act as mentors and can provide guidance and advice."
Graduate, Manchester
"Managers are very accessible and open. They are always willing to support and share expertise, and provide you help when required. There is a structured system for objective settings (Personal Development Plan) and longer-term plans (Individual Development Plan) which are regularly reviewed with managers and HR. Praise and recognition are also high on the agenda, with thank you cards, annual awards ceremonies and employee of the month awards."
Graduate, London
"You will have access to top level management very early on in your role. The graduate programme is also very closely monitored by senior management."
Graduate, Stockholm
"I have very accessible managers, and a mentor is assigned to you within the graduate programme independent of the team you work in. Performance feedback and appraisal is a key initiative within the business to drive personal growth."
Graduate, Carrickmacross
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