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Relations with Management


8.1 / 10

(based on 33 ratings in 2015)

How would you describe relations with management at your firm? Does the management keep you informed of firm-wide decisions? Are you able to contribute to these decisions?


"There is a structured performance management process in place which allows for feedback from managers and senior staff. This occurs twice annually. Managers and leaders are active in the company, and make themselves available to speak at events and get-togethers."
Entry level, Dublin
"There is excellent praise and recognition and a huge level of respect between levels. I have been very impressed with the kindness shown from one level to the next."
Graduate, Dublin
"Managers I have interacted with are very approachable, and are good at having both formal and informal catch ups on performance/advice."
Graduate, Dublin
"Management are very accessible and always willing to help. I have received performance recognition from my managers which makes your job feel even more worthwhile! Accenture take performance feedback very seriously and in return you always know where you stand and how you can improve to eventually get a promotion."
Graduate, Dublin
"I would say that there is a huge focus on mentorship and performance recognition here."
Graduate, Dublin
"Management take a personal interest in wanting you to succeed and place an emphasis on you taking ownership of your career, helping to guide you along the way. They are friendly and approachable too."
Graduate, Dublin
"I have found that management staff are very accessible. I have been given formal and informal feedback regularly, and have received regular support and coaching since I joined. I was also awarded recognition award points from a manager, further demonstrating praise and feedback."
Graduate, Dublin
"Management have been really open and approachable. Even managers in the company who you don't report to will always be there to help you out. Having a career counsellor also improves interactions with senior management: they guide you through your career and discuss upcoming projects and possibilities."
Graduate, Dublin


"I have had mixed experiences, some managers are excellent and take their mentor role seriously and do genuinely want what's best for you. Others, are more concerned with themselves and their position and just expect you to do as your asked and do it well."
Entry level, Dublin
"Managers are very approachable, all managers are assigned as career councillors for staff in below levels to mentor and guide through the company."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"There are no barriers to communication with any level within the company. 'Open-door' policy. It is strongly disapproved of to refuse someone request for assistance."
Graduate, Dublin
"I really value the 'open-door' policy which Accenture strives to maintain at all times, as well as the networking opportunities we get with all levels. Even between the most senior and junior levels, there is a lot of effort put into internal communication, feedback and recognition. Unfortunately I did not have a local senior representative on my most recent project but this is unusual."
Midlevel, Dublin
"The Country MD was one of the first people I met when I joined the company. The leadership team are visibly present throughout the organisation. There is a culture of mentoring and performance review and recognition in the organisation. I have had countless opportunities to meet with management since I joined."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"Part of the managers' performance assessment is based on how well they develop the people that work for them. Learning from your superiors is a huge part of the Accenture work. All line managers are required to provide honest and timely performance feedback. In addition, each employee is assigned a 'Career Counsellor'. This person is not your direct line manager but offers support and direction at all stages throughout your career at Accenture. We have a 'Performance Points' system whereby managers can (and do!) reward staff for their efforts and contributions to the team, and to the client."
Strategy, Graduate, Dublin

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