Relations with Management

8.1 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2016)


"Managers are very accessible."
Graduate, Clonmel
"My own managers have been excellent over the years – they are invested in your development and help send you in the right direction with problems etc. Internal communication is brilliant within the team and performance feedback is carried out with your supervisor bi-weekly and through an internal system twice a year."
Graduate, Galway
"I have great interaction with my supervisor who is a senior engineer. However, after being employed for two months, I haven't personally spoken to my manager yet."
Graduate, Galway
"When you start, you are encouraged to meet with your supervisor every two weeks. This is great as you get feedback on your progress to date and gives you the chance to raise any questions there may be surrounding your own development."
Entry level, Galway
"In general, managers do make good mentors. Internal communication is strong within the production unit and within the plant as a whole. I personally think that recognition and praise for hard work could be prioritised more highly."
Graduate, Galway
"They have been pretty accessible and open to conversations so far. They sit in the same areas as the rest of their teams, which is beneficial in making them part of the team rather than a figurehead in a separate room."
Graduate, Galway
"The head supervisor knows me quite well and checks in with me every now and again. Management is friendly and approachable."
Graduate, Galway
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