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Salary (graduates)

8.1 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2014)

What is the salary like at your company? Do you have any comments on pay and bonuses at your firm?


"The salary is good. There is a basic wage for all markets and some markets with a higher cost of living receive a supplement."
Graduate, Dublin and Helsinki
"I think the salary is good for graduates."
Marketing, Graduate, Lille, France
"For someone coming out of university it is a very competitive package, especially starting off in the marketing industry."
Marketing, Graduate, Austin, Texas
"I have found it to be a little difficult at times because Japan is so expensive, particularly in the initial few months."
Marketing, Graduate, Tokyo, Japan
"Personally, I am satisfied with the remuneration package offered by IDL. Once again, the trust placed in graduates here is a crucial element in my fondness for the organisation. Covering expenses while I'm travelling means I can live quite comfortably when at home in Manchester."
Marketing, Graduate, Manchester
"Personally I think that it is one of the best payment packages for a graduate role in Ireland. We are given a cost of living allowance for working in one of the most expensive cities in the world."
Marketing, Graduate, Oslo, Norway
"The package is really good, especially for a graduate programme. As well as a good salary we receive a car, laptop, phone, iPad and lots more extras!"
Marketing, Graduate, Nicosia, Cyprus

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