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Salary (graduates)

7.3 / 10

(based on 46 ratings in 2014)

What is the salary like at your company? Do you have any comments on pay and bonuses at your firm?


"Pay and bonuses are great at this company. The only issue I had with pay was with overtime. The compensation for losing your weekend or working late into the night was very poor."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Bonuses are quite good at Intel. Not many other companies even offer them."
Graduate, Dublin
"The pay and bonuses here are quite generous in my opinion, there are many perks on top of base pay."
Graduate, Dublin
"The company is excellent in terms of remuneration; the pay is really good and the bonuses are twice as good."
Graduate, Leixlip
"At the moment, I am satisfied with my pay but hope it increases soon. Bonuses are a nice perk."
Graduate, Leixlip
"Intel pay very good wages and offer bonuses four times a year."
Graduate, Leixlip
"I am still at the lowest grade, but there is a scale and if you work hard you are rewarded. Bonus system is very good."
Graduate, Leixlip

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