6.9 / 10

(based on 31 ratings in 2014)


"Salaries seem fair in relation to your importance to the company, experience and ability. Employees are highly incentivised with bonuses to encourage them to work hard and achieve goals."
Entry level, Dublin
"In my experience, the pay and bonuses are highly competitive."
Experienced, Dublin
"Pay scheme is good but progression at the higher levels is less clear. Emphasis is on the package rather than on the bottom line but candidates looking at the higher salary ends might consider carefully."
Entry level, Dublin
"Pay is standard for the industry; the bonuses are up to 10% of your base salary per year, depending on employee and company performance."
Graduate, Dublin
"The entire compensation package is amazing when you take into account yearly bonus, pay rise, health insurance, shares, etc. I feel the salary is a little lower because of all of the other invested benefits."
Graduate, Dublin
"As a new graduate my salary is very fair, perhaps above the industry average for new graduates, also career progression (which is highly important to my company) will bring a salary rise. I receive a 10% performance bonus each year; performance is partly measured on completion of a series of compulsory personally chosen goals that will develop me professionally."
Entry level, Dublin
"The initial salary is decent, but I would say that the percentage increase on a yearly basis is quite low, even with promotion. The bonus is good, but again it is a percentage and depends on your salary."
Entry level, Dublin
"Base pay is good but it's not the best out there. However, the company provides good benefits. Bonuses are paid at the end of the summer but depending on when you join, you may have to wait until next year to receive your first bonus."
Consulting, Midlevel, Dublin
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