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7.6 / 10

(based on 34 ratings in 2015)


"The starting rate here in comparison to other graduate rates is quite high."
Graduate, Dublin
"As far as starting salaries go it is one of the best going, so it is very competitive."
Graduate, Dublin
"It's good considering the market average, but it could be better based on the overall company's success and the improvement seen in the economy."
Graduate, Dublin
"Paid overtime is a bonus. Extra is given when you're placed on projects overseas too."
Graduate, Portsmouth
"I'm satisfied with the amount I'm getting paid, rent is on the increase but I believe there is still good living on the money I am on."
Graduate, Dublin
"The salary and benefits are competitive for a graduate salary."
Graduate, Dublin
"My salary is much better than those in other graduate roles. Paid overtime is also an added extra that other companies don't have, and a lot of training is also covered by the company."
Graduate, Dublin


"Bonuses do not exist for those below management level. The pay is good and is above average, however I do feel that I am being underpaid considering the work that I am doing and the knowledge/responsibilities that I have."
Entry level, Dublin
"I think the salary at Accenture is in line with the industry standard."
Midlevel, Dublin
"Pay is good compared to graduate salaries in general but I believe it could be improved compared to other consulting firms."
Graduate, Dublin
"In general, I believe Accenture pay their employees well for the work we do. Some projects are better than others when it comes to paying overtime and this has been a sticky subject, especially recently when clients are looking for more and more competitive rates. This sometimes translates to working even harder for the same pay. Saying that, Accenture puts a big push on work/life balance so the systems are there to make things better."
Midlevel, Dublin
"The graduate salary is a good graduate salary but you are expected to undertake a lot of work and have a lot of responsibility from day one. Honestly speaking, I would expect to be paid more for the work I do."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"As far as I'm concerned salaries are very competitive; we're well looked after."
Graduate, Dublin
"At Accenture, the salary jumps up substantially with each promotion. The incremental increases year-on-year are very, very small. Bonuses are only available at manager and above level."
Strategy, Graduate, Dublin
"I think the pay relative to graduate pay is good, however the pay relative to other consulting firms could be improved."
Graduate, Dublin
"Pay could always improve. Overall though I am happy with my salary for a graduate. A sign on bonus would be useful, personally I had to relocate and some compensation would have been appreciated."
Graduate, Dublin
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