Salary (graduates)

6.3 / 10

(based on 26 ratings in 2016)

What is the salary like at your company? Do you have any comments on pay and bonuses at your firm?


"Could be higher based on the current costs of living in Dublin."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"It's reasonable pay for the work done. However, there's no Christmas bonuses or bonuses of any kind."
Graduate, Dublin
"I feel like it's very fair pay for a first job out of college."
Graduate, Dublin
"Remuneration is good but could be better. Getting overtime paid out is important and good but the starting salary could be increased."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"I earn a good starting salary but it's not at the same level as what other people my age, with the same level of experience, are earning."
Graduate, Dublin
"I think it's a very decent starting wage. However, the real monetary benefit is in the career progression rate."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"For the work that I complete, I feel it should be higher. That said, I'll be more satisfied post-promotion."
Graduate, Dublin

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