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Satisfaction with Work

7.8 / 10

(based on 17 ratings in 2014)


"My work involves conducting valuations of high value properties in every real estate sector."
Graduate, Dublin
"My work covers a wide and varied range of tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis, from working with Directors and Associates, as well as working across departments giving a good breadth to the experience I've gained."
Graduate, Dublin
"My responsibilities change from department to department. Some departments give you more guidance and responsibility than others, and I feel that this all impacts upon your day-to-day work and how you approach it."
Graduate, Dublin
"Out of the office I have a lot meeting clients on a day-to-day basis. My work involves doing a lot of reports and pitches, and I am involved in very high end properties."
Graduate, Cork
"I was given a high level of responsibility whilst always being monitored by my managers. This meant that I could work effectively whilst taking on comments from managers on how to improve and how best to handle difficult situations, so there is always an element of support. I was given the opportunity to work on large scale projects and attend client meetings/report back to clients as well as dealing with customers."
Graduate, Dublin
"Currently my work is very much administrative - finding comps, printing off documents for associates and replying to their voicemails."
Graduate, Dublin
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