Satisfaction with Work

7.4 / 10

(based on 82 ratings in 2015)


"Day-to-day I am implementing quality standards to meet customer requirements. I ensure that there is high product quality and that safety is met. I coach employees in quality standards and manage customer complaints."
Graduate, Glamsbjerg, Denmark
"In my role I develop products to meet customers' briefs, travel to customers to present products to them and attend trade shows and conferences."
Graduate, Naas
"Every day in my role is different. I've had expose to every part of the business, from supply chain to manufacturing. I've now got a deep understanding of the food industry. I absolutely love what I do. I'm given a high level of responsibility and allowed to manage myself without being micro-managed."
Graduate, Naas
"Here I am developing new food products from lab scale to factory scale and bringing them to launch."
Graduate, Naas
"I am a Production Stream Quality Leader on a High Care Meal Solutions site. I drive my team to ensure the products we produce on a daily basis are of the highest quality and produced safely and legally."
Graduate, Mullingar
"In my role I undertake data analysis, agency management, market reporting, and I manage comms with other stakeholders in the business."
Entry level, Dublin
"I am responsible for interaction with customers, development of finished products, managing sections of the ingredient portfolio, scaling up development in industrial trials, presenting new innovation and managing site production."
Graduate, Naas
"I am currently a developer in two different teams and it's rarely ever quiet. Tasks include: coding, documentation, discussing requirements, testing and mass data loading. My general goal is to make life easier for the business as well as my own. I am constantly looking for ways to make tasks run faster."
Graduate, Naas
"I am managing a trial with Tesco as well as a channel strategy for online. It is a challenging and really interesting role, and my level of responsibility is allowing me to learn from all parts of the business as many of my tasks involve cross-functional communication."
Graduate, Dublin
"I work in operations, managing a production stream in driving quality, output and minimising cost."
Graduate, Attleborough
"I work on the compliance side of the site and help to ensure each department is working in the right way to produce, safe legal and products of consistent quality. I am involved in a lot of project and reactive work which means my job is very varied and always busy!"
Graduate, Leeds
"I am responsible for collaborating with customers on projects - identifying trends relevant to them in the market and working with my colleagues to present the best suitable solution for the customer using our technologies."
Graduate, Stockholm
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