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Satisfaction with Work

7.0 / 10

(based on 35 ratings in 2015)


"In my role I set up and facilitate meetings with clients, edit PowerPoint decks and Excel spreadsheets, support people on the team with their work and drive process definition with clients."
Graduate, Dublin
"I am currently working on the configuration of a technology solution for a client, and I am testing and teaching the client how to use the solution."
Graduate, Dublin
"I build forecasting models, schedule meetings and collect data/verify assumptions."
Graduate, Portsmouth
"I am involved in the design and development of new software applications for a large public sector client."
Graduate, Dublin
"My role is working directly for the client: I am responsible for problem and incident management across the company as well as reporting on various metrics and statistics."
Graduate, Dublin
"I am a functional test lead. My day-to-day responsibilities are to ensure that the test team activities are coordinated and the team meets our deadlines as well as carrying out my own testing. I am also the product SME and interact with the client to discuss the system operations."
Entry level, Dublin
"I am currently responsible for drafting communication plans for organisation change strategies and I assist in making sure all leadership are up-to-date with the new strategies we are implementing in their organisation."
Graduate, Dublin
"Working as a SIT (Systems Integration Testing) analyst I work to create a detailed view of the end-to-end process of the client system and develop the testing approach for it. The work involves engaging with a number of teams, from a number of vendors."
Graduate, Dublin/Warwick
"I am an analyst, so I prepare/edit design documents, create test scripts, review execution documents, send reports to clients and attend client meetings."
Graduate, Dublin


"Day-to-day responsibilities vary, but effectively amount to managing change on client sites including building, managing and delivering project plans and tackling every unexpected task from the client. Everyone also has 'Accenture' work that ties them back to the office such as involvement in corporate citizenship, university recruitment teams, industry research and societies."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"I have been surprised by the level of responsibility and independence I have been. I have gotten the opportunity to work directly with senior clients. Day-to-day I develop content for deliverables or presentations for clients, working with colleagues around the world."
Graduate, Dublin
"I am in between roles at this point but thoroughly enjoyed my previous role and am delighted with my next position."
Midlevel, Dublin
"I have lots of client interaction day-to-day to document and understand requirements. I am responsible for identification of issues and development and implementation of solutions. All this activity is very team focused, working with both the client and Accenture team."
Strategy, Graduate, Dublin
"I have a nice variety of work in a friendly environment where teamwork and communication are not just buzzwords."
Graduate, Dublin
"My role has varied every four/five months which is great as I get to learn something new regularly and develop my skills."
Entry level, Dublin
"Every day brings new challenges and adventures."
Midlevel, Dublin
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