Satisfaction with Work

8.9 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2017)


"My work is admin, auditing and people management, to be conducted in the best possible manner on a daily basis. Two days of work are never the same!"
Mid level, Dublin
"There are some tedious tasks but this is a necessity of the job. There's a good mix overall."
Mid level, Kerry
"I'm very satisfied. I travel between stores to supervise and help store managers to achieve targets. I am a personnel leader to over 80 store assistants."
Mid level, Dublin
"I'm the direct leader to a team of nine managers and the personnel leader to approximately 50 staff. My role is to lead, motivate and supervise work completed to ensure the highest levels of performance."
Mid level, Waterford
"The work that we as area managers are assigned is very interesting in its diverse and challenging nature. It can actually be difficult to describe the day-to-day work routine of an area manager due to this diversity. As general guidance, the area manager role involves ensuring the successful running of multiple Aldi stores."
Experienced, Letterkenny
"I run an area of three stores. My week is spent between the three acting as a direct leader for the store manager and a personnel leader for the staff members. Each day can be very different depending on the challenges faced by the stores on a given day."
Graduate, Cork
"As an area manager, you are given a lot of responsibility and are tasked with managing and overseeing multiple businesses. My everyday tasks can vary between recruitment, auditing, conducting meetings, making presentations and conducting health and safety audits etc. The job is dynamic and interesting."
Graduate, Naas
"My day-to-day work is interesting, challenging and rewarding."
Mid level, Dublin
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