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Social Mobility


"The programme is very accessible to all backgrounds, it is your personality and who you are that is important and that is made very clear when applying. You can find the graduate team in nearly every university around Ireland and they have a great Facebook presence making it easy to reach out to everyone."
Marketing, Graduate, Nicosia, Cyprus
"Our company visits all career fairs and advertises the programme through many outlets to ensure all types of audiences are reached."
Marketing, Graduate, Lyon, France
"I know from the graduates this year that they hired people from very different backgrounds, including local hires in developing countries which is excellent."
Marketing, Graduate, Lille, France
"I believe that it is a non-biased recruitment policy."
Marketing, Graduate, Oslo, Norway
"The programme and IDL is open to everyone and they highlight this by encouraging everyone to apply to programmes such as these."
Marketing, Graduate, Nantes, France
"I consider myself to be one of those cases and the fact that I got the job is a real proof to me that the team is very diverse. The application process is equal for everybody."
Graduate, Bucharest, Romania
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