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Social Mobility


"Accenture treats all applicants fairly. How privileged or unprivileged you are doesn't come into question. We are accessible to all."
Midlevel, Dublin
"Our corporate citizenship team engages people from less privileged backgrounds from an early stage; through junior achievement programmes, Fastrack to IT, Trinity Access Programme, etc. All walks of life are given access to Accenture."
Graduate, Dublin
"Accenture does a lot of work to encourage students and young people to consider their career options and develop skills which will benefit them in the real world. Examples are the Leader of Tomorrow competition and Junior Achievement support. There is no obligation for students to join Accenture after these schemes but I believe it helps raise awareness of the company and opportunities available to those from any walk of life. It also helps the students build important skills like entrepreneurship, presentation skills and business writing from leaders in the industry."
Midlevel, Dublin
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