Trainee Retention

7.9 / 10

(based on 52 ratings in 2015)


"The retention rates are very positive at A&L Goodbody. The firm train you because they want to make you a top-class lawyer for their clients."
First year trainee, Dublin
"The retention rates are consistently over 90%.The firm makes a conscious decision not to over recruit at trainee level which means that retention levels for NQS remain consistently high."
Third year trainee, Dublin
"They are excellent at the moment - both because there is a need for resources and because I think we can all be very useful to the firm as NQs."
Third year trainee, Dublin
"They're very high, especially compared to other firms, in my opinion. A&L Goodbody also offers those who are not kept on a six month contract, so we can get experience as an NQ for this period."
Third year trainee, Dublin
"The retention rate is very high and the firm aims to train us all to be key employees from trainee level right up to partner."
Second year trainee, Dublin
"The retention rates are extremely high which is encouraging. They show that the firm makes great efforts to ensure everyone's standards remain high and that they are constantly developing and improving."
First year trainee, Dublin
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