8.6 / 10

(based on 7 ratings in 2019)


"There's no training programme as such, just a two-week handover from previous placements, which was quite comprehensive and also provided me with pre-made books showing us how to complete the regular tasks we would undertake. Anything we needed help with, management were always there to help."
HR, Entry level, Newry
"Personally I loved the initial Kx training, it assumed no prior knowledge and it fostered a communal desire to learn and get better irrespective of prior experience. Individuals went from never having written code before to solving complex problems."
Mid level, New York
"The Capital Markets Training Programme is the programme most graduates will join. This gives you knowledge of the capital markets area. In addition to this, FD funds us to complete external accreditation including PRMIA and Java Oracle Associate. This is a key advantage of FD as the level of training provided gives graduates a competitive edge over other grads."
Graduate, Newry
"There's a structured two-year training programme that covers finance and technology. It's all quite self-led."
Mid level, Newry
"The training programme with FD is very thorough. There are 20 modules to be completed over the course of two years and this really helps for work on client sites. As a financial engineer, training mainly focuses on finance but there are also technical modules and opportunities to do external accreditations. FD also encourages accrediations for further progression."
Graduate, London


"Constant supervision and check ins are given."
Human Resources, Graduate, Newry
"The capital markets training programme has introduced me to both finance and technology. This was hugely beneficial for me as, coming from a business background, I had not learned about either topic in depth. The training period allowed me to learn at my own pace with plenty of support around me."
Graduate, Dublin
"High-quality training is provided by respected individuals who have been a part of the company for a number of years."
Human Resources, Entry level, Newry
"The training for this role is very much being thrown into the deep end, but this is an effective method."
Entry level, Newry


"The graduate training programme handbook and classes that teach kdb and finance are well designed."
Graduate, Newry
"The training offered at FD provides their employees with the right amount of technical and financial experience required for working on site with their clients. It usually takes about two months to complete."
Midlevel, Toronto
"The training in your first two years is second to none, after that the company support external study which is good."
Capital Markets, Midlevel, Sydney
"The company offers excellent formal training, including daily classes and textbooks on the basics of financial and technological concepts. The classes are taken by former members of the options programme and understand problems that new entrants may have. They are also willing to teach outside of these classes and go into detail on points to ensure that all new employees understand the points."
Graduate, Newry
"The Options Programme within FD is great. You are not expected to have a high calibre of knowledge of capital markets when starting with the company, however after various workshops, training exercises and exams it is possible to greatly expand your knowledge and expertise."
Graduate, Newry
"As part of graduate programme each employee needs to complete internal training exams. In the first few months new employees receive lectures and workshops on technology and finance. I've picked up many technical skills and lot of financial and technical knowledge."
Graduate, Newry
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