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(based on 74 ratings in 2016)

Please elaborate on the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you’ve picked up.


"On the internship, I was trained in soft skills such as presentations, organisation and teamwork. I was also trained in all of the systems used in the tax department."
Intern, Dublin
"I received lots of training during my first week and was assigned a 'buddy' who helped me with any general questions throughout the internship."
Intern, Dublin
"The assurance training was fantastic. It was really engaging, thorough and stimulating, and you got to network across all departments."
Graduate, Dublin
"I received intensive training on assurance practices. Skills I learned included critical thinking, attention to detail and technical knowledge."
Intern, Dublin
"I'm in a training programme revolving around hard technical skills and soft skills such as team work. I'm constantly learning."
Graduate, Dublin
"Very satisfied with the training to date and I am looking forward to beginning exam support sessions, which I have heard good feedback about. I have found that not coming from a tax background has not inconvenienced me as we have been provided with classes (given by specialists in the respective area to small groups of about 10 people) on each of the major tax areas – this has been particularly helpful."
Graduate, Dublin
"We've had three weeks of audit training. On top of that we are scheduled to receive specific industry training numerous times throughout the year."
Graduate, Dublin
"We had a three and a half week training course before we got to start working for clients. It began with three days working on double entry bookkeeping, which included an exam. We then spent the remainder of the course learning and applying audit techniques with sample clients that the firm had created. Although it is easier to learn on the job, I found it helpful when it came to learning the basics and it gave me a starting point for working for actual clients."
"PwC's internal training on tax is excellent. I have learned about income tax and corporation tax as well as getting training on Excel."
Graduate, Dublin
"There has been so much training here that I feel really well equipped to work. They also look for our feedback on what we might like to be trained on, including technical knowledge, and will organise for that to happen. Overall I am delighted with how intensive the training is here."
Graduate, Dublin

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