Why your company?


"It's a massive graduate employer with great opportunities to work for high-profile clients."
HR, Entry level, Newry
"The opportunity to travel straight out of college."
Mid level, New York
"FD is close to home for me, but also gives me the option to travel globally. The opportunity for accelerated career progression was also a key selling point. FD is growing rapidly. However, senior management continues to invest its time in the training of the graduate intakes. There's a generous expenses package when on client site, which is also an area where FD has an edge over other companies."
Graduate, Newry
"The great opportunities for travel."
Mid level, Newry, NI
"The global scale of the company and training that it provides. It's a local company that has always kept its roots in Newry."
Mid level, Newry
"Professional progression, friendly staff and opportunities for global travel."
Graduate, London


"The good reputation of the company."
Human Resources, Graduate, Newry
"The opportunities to work for global clients and the package offered."
Graduate, Dublin
"The travel opportunities and the expenses package."
Graduate, Stockholm
"The grand scale of its operations and its reputation."
Human Resources, Entry level, Newry
"It seemed like a great chance for a new graduate to learn loads."
Graduate, Dublin
"The fact that it was a local employer with a great reputation."
Entry level, Newry


"The opportunity to travel is what attracted me to FD but when I visited HQ for my interview, the staff there were so pleasant and everyone was welcoming. It felt like a lovely team to be apart of. The opportunity to work with some of the world's biggest financial institutions was a huge selling factor as well."
Midlevel, Toronto
"I wasn't sure what field I wanted to go into after university. First Derivatives gave me the opportunity to learn new and relevant skills and also the exposure to international investments bank I would not have been able to work in was it not for them. I have access to a very broad range of work and the opportunity to learn new skills every day."
Finance, Experienced, New York
"I chose FD for the opportunities to travel and because I knew that if you do a good job in the financial world, there's a lot of potential to make very good money. The fact that FD is a young company which was constantly in the news for hitting new profitability levels/growth levels also made it very attractive!"
Capital Markets, Midlevel, Sydney
"I applied for FD due to its reputation for having very high standards: I knew it would be a great company to get into to grow my graduate experience."
Human Resources, Executive, Newry
"First Derivatives offers a good opportunity to get experience early in my career as well as the chance to travel to many different parts of the world."
Graduate, Newry
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