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Why your company? (graduates)


What made you choose your company?


"Rotating in departments on a two year contract gives you a good amount of experience and made me apply here."
Graduate, Dublin
"The evident career progression opportunities attracted me to Bank of Ireland."
Graduate, Dublin
"Gaining a range of experiences and improving my knowledge, and an ability to further develop my education through courses drew me toward Bank of Ireland, as did the culture within the organisation and the variety of areas that I could be involved in."
Graduate, London
"I was attracted to Bank of Ireland by their respected brand name and the fact they offered a good salary."
Graduate, Dublin
"The rotations in different departments appealed to me, as did the amount of training on offer."
Graduate, Dublin


"They are Ireland's number one Corporate Bank and in terms of recovery from the difficult past few years they are streets ahead of the competition. Also, I was recommended by a previous graduate on the scheme who rated it highly."
Graduate, Dublin
"I wanted the opportunity to gain experience in the different areas of finance that I was interested in."
Graduate, Dublin
"I was attracted to the culture, the industry, and the rotations and positions available. Also, from others' experiences I had heard good things."
Graduate, Dublin
"The Graduate Programme really appealed to me as it covered the exams I wanted to do, and enabled me to work in various departments to get the most out of the experience."
Graduate, Dublin
"There were two main reasons for choosing the Bank of Ireland: one, it is the largest bank in Ireland, and two, it had one of the best graduate programmes on offer."
Finance, Graduate, Dublin
"I choose this company for the following reasons: they are very supportive and openly encourage and reward academic advancement in roles; senior management within the group support and are genuinely interested in the success and progression of graduates within Bank of Ireland - the future success of Bank of Ireland is in your hands; people are very friendly and approachable and culture of company is very good."
Graduate, Dublin
"I chose Bank of Ireland because of the position of the company as a leader in its field in Ireland, and the excellent opportunities that would come with working for such a prestigious and established company."
Graduate, Dublin

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