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"I felt that Accenture was the most impressive company that I saw in the graduate recruitment sphere. I was very impressed by the speakers at the graduate recruitment events too."
Entry level, Dublin
"I wanted to do management consulting, and Accenture was the obvious choice - it has a great reputation with its clients and has really great people."
Graduate, Dublin
"I was very interested in the variety of roles that Accenture could offer, and wanted a fast-paced career model that I knew I would get here."
Graduate, Portsmouth
"The opportunities to work with a variety of clients in different industries and working with technology to drive efficiency, were both factors in my application here."
Graduate, Dublin
"I chose to apply here as I had heard good things about the employer and they are consistently ranked as one of the top graduate employers in Ireland."
Graduate, Dublin
"I was drawn to the opportunity to travel and meet like-minded people. This was alongside the chance to change roles regularly, which meant that I would be getting a flavour of different types of industries, clients and day-to-day work."
Graduate, Dublin
"I spoke to colleagues working for Accenture, as well as reading the documentation on the Accenture website about previously undertaken projects, and both were factors in my resulting application."
Graduate, Dublin/Warwick


"It is good for my CV and I like the fact it is based in Dublin."
Graduate, Dublin
"Accenture employees are highly regarded in the corporate world. This is a fast-paced company that allows me to learn quickly and gain valuable skills fast."
Consulting, Graduate, Dublin
"I chose Accenture because I wanted to work for the best consulting company in Ireland."
Midlevel, Dublin
"Accenture offers good career progression opportunities and the opportunity to work with the leading companies in Ireland."
Entry level, Dublin
"I wanted a role which gave me lots of opportunities and variety of work coming out of college. Accenture gives that more than most companies, not to mention the great people who work there, innovative projects, impressive clients and company reputation."
Midlevel, Dublin
"The internship allowed me to see what the people in the company are like and the range of different projects available that I could potentially be involved in. I liked the fact that you won't ever come into Accenture and do the same job for the whole time you are there. It could change every few months."
Technology, Graduate, Dublin
"The people I met from Accenture seemed to have the same mentality as me. It's a great brand on your CV, one that is globally recognised. The training is second to none. I didn't want to become an accountant. I wasn't entirely sure of what exactly I wanted to work in - Accenture offers great variety."
Strategy, Graduate, Dublin
"Accenture are a market leader in Ireland and I wanted to work for the best."
Graduate, Dublin
"The positive opinion that the current staff had of it."
Experienced, Dublin
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