Photonic Component Test and Packaging Engineer

Position Summary

Eblana Photonics Ltd. has a position for a motivated engineer/physicist to assist with the day-to-day administration of packaging operations and all aspects pertaining to semiconductor photonic device testing, characterisation and data analysis. 

Role Description

As an integral member of the Engineering Division you will have a number of primary and secondary roles, including but not limited to the following:

  • Support the day-to-day administration of device packaging operations.
  • Liaise with subcontractors for component builds and packaging to ensure an efficient, reliable and timely supply chain.
  • Implement and update Eblana’s inventory management system, (WIPs, packaging components, Raw Materials, etc.)
  • Test, characterise and select photonic chips and packaged devices such as Fabry-Perot and single frequency lasers.
  • Carry out data analysis on small and large datasets.
  • Assist in reliability testing, quantification of device lifetimes and quality control.

Key Qualifications & Skillsets

  • B.Eng./ B.Sc./M.S./Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering, Physics, Materials Science, Photonics or a related discipline. 
  • Direct experience with DC and/or RF high speed semiconductor device characterization, test and measurement. 
  • Experience in design of experiments, verification testing and root cause analysis. Have a demonstrated capability to analyse and report on complex device results. 
  • Knowledge of photonic packages and components, e.g. butterfly modules, TO cans, optical fibres, lenses, TECs, optical isolators etc. 
  • Use of optoelectronic test components and instrumentation (e.g. photodiodes, optical and electrical spectrum analysers, current and voltage sources, optical fibres). 
  • Advanced experience with the following software packages: MS Excel, Matlab, LabView. 
  • Ability to handle and manipulate small chips (100 micron scale). 
  • Have a good grounding in semiconductor process science and device physics.
  • Familiar with cleanroom protocols and with working in cleanroom environments. 

Additional Useful Skills

  • Willingness to participate and contribute proactively where required. 
  • Practical experience and knowledge of III-V semiconductor devices, 
  • Ability to handle large volumes of data and database organisation.
  • Experience of microscopic physical analysis and inspection techniques (e.g. SEM, TEM, FIB sample preparation and analysis).
  • To have worked using lasers and passed laser safety courses.
  • Experience of semiconductor device handling such as material scribe and cleave, packaging operations such as die and wire bonding and fiberised module assembly. 

To apply

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Facts and figures

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Specific date
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Degree subjects: 
Electronics, Physics, Materials Science, Photonics
Skills required: 
DOE, Lab skills, Semiconductor Device Handling, Photonic Instrumentation, Matlab, Labview
Days' holiday: 
Life assurance Pension scheme contribution
Accepts applications from students / graduates requiring a work permit?: 
County Dublin