Research & Development Manager (Software), Nasc Technologies Ltd (Nasctech)

Nasctech develops and sells software solutions to the telecommunications industry worldwide. Our software solutions enable telco operators to automate Operations Support Systems (OSS). Nasctech have developed a competence in the areas of mobilizing OSS technologies and cloud delivered solutions. We have sold software solutions to various to blue chip companies around the world, including Singel and Vodacom.

Nasctech wish to enhance their R&D and productization capability to compete in new and emerging OSS areas such as

  1. Machine Learning (e.g. predict when an outage may occur) 
  2. Industrial Done Output processing for Telecoms (e.g. use machine vision to classify telecoms remote inventory) 

These areas would be productized into software modules for our existing OSS platform STREAMLINETM

Nasctech’s aim to build the ability to conduct R&D into “next generation” of OSS solutions and apply agile methods to product development to bring these developments to market faster than our competitors . We plan to develop a “competence” centre, hopefully in Ireland, to achieve this. Participation in FUSION would kick start this.

THE ROLE (FUSION Project) – 18 Month Contract 

The proposed Fusion project will focus on the development of new generation software modules to fit into our existing STREAMLINE software platform. The proposed software will help telcos run their operations more efficiently and effectively:

  1. Machine Learning Module: This will optimise algorithms for analysis of network performance and patterns using Machine Learning to move to “predictive maintenance” for telecoms 
  2. Industrial Drone Maintenance Module: We aim to make it easy for telcos to capture the output from maintenance routines performed using drones (photos, Video, Lidar, Thermal imaging etc) and analyse the output on STREAMLINE platform. 

Reporting to the Company Supervisor, you will be employed by Nasctech to lead this InterTradeIreland FUSION project in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast. As part of this role you will be required to undertake a Postgraduate Diploma in Business & Management, from the William J. Clinton Leadership Institute at Queen’s University, Belfast. This is fully funded by InterTradeIreland. The skills learned through the Diploma will enhance your personal, professional and managerial capabilities and will provide you with the necessary and valuable business skills to help you undertake your project role. The company will fully support you throughout this by factoring in the required time off to attend modules and workshops.

Job Objectives

  • To carry out the tasks outlined in the project workplan and liaise with your Company and Academic Supervisors on an ongoing basis. 
  • To convene and service monthly technical meetings with the core project team (Graduate, Company Supervisor and Academic Supervisor) 
  • To report formally on a quarterly basis on progress with the workplan to a Project Management Group (PMG), this includes the assigned FUSION Consultant representing InterTradeIreland. 
  • To train staff so that the new technology is fully transferred and embedded in the company 
  • To work closely with the academic partner and travel to the academic institute as required. 
  • To undertake the Postgraduate Diploma in Business & Management, attending course modules and workshops. 
  • Any other duties which might fall within the general ambit of the post. 

Skills Required

Essential Criteria

Candidates must possess

  1. Hold, or have been awarded by June 2017, a Min 2.2 Hons Degree in Informational Technology or related technical subject; 
  2. Knowledge of software product development and commercialization of R&D (gained through course/and or industry); 
  3. Experience in project management in an IT environment; 
  4. Be legally permitted to work in the EU. 

Desirable Criteria

  1. Strong commercial awareness with understanding of business cases and marketing messaging; 
  2. Quick learner and able to work on problem under conditions of uncertainly; 
  3. Team player and ability work with geo graphically dispersed teams; 
  4. A highly motivated and committed person; 
  5. Able to work with a minimum of supervision and use initiative and solve problems; 
  6. Experience of web (and/or Cloud-based) application development and mobile technologies; 
  7. Strong leadership and communication skills; 
  8. Experience working in technology business roles. 

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