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We are currently recruiting for our next trainee class of 2017. We are looking to recruit 3 trainees for this class, which is aimed at anyone who has a keen interest in the financial markets & becoming a trader.

  • Do you have what it takes to compete on a daily basis, to be consistently profitable like us?
  • Do you have the discipline required to motivate yourself and channel your competitive edge into the markets?

You can’t be half a trader. To be successful requires hard work, long hours and dedication.

Our goal is to show you how to make money consistently. We do it. We are continuously looking to push the boundaries, develop new strategies and learn new markets.We need enthusiastic traders to work with us in reaching this common goal.

About The Programme:

You will:

  • Use our virtual trading systems - Real prices. Real markets. Real trading.
  • Follow a structured course that will guide you and push you to your limits
  • Have access to all of the major global exchanges
  • Interact with traders during and after the course
  • Build a working relationship with successful traders
  • Have daily interactions with traders in our Trader Forum
  • Learn a diverse range of strategies across many products, scalping and spreading

Our goal is to make you consistently profitable

Upon successful completion of the course and hitting certain targets on the demo account the successful candidates will progress onto trading real money in live markets. 

What To Expect:

  1. Expect long hours of study and research. Assume you will lose money in the beginning
  2. A person interested in becoming a trader must have the mindset of an entrepreneur. Risk, irregular income, and spending money to make money, are all part of the business
  3. You must trade like a business person and not a gambler. Gamblers need not apply; go to Vegas instead
  4. Risk management will be your priority. Too much risk exposure will eventually lead you to be an unemployed trader with no trading capital
  5. You are your own human resource department. Be prepared to manage your own greed and fear
  6. To keep your morale up, you must keep all your losses small, and allow your winning trades to be as large as possible

Application details:

If you think that you have what it takes to be a successful trader then click the 'Apply by Email' button and submit your CV & cover letter

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