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The main tasks are assisting with report-writing, event management and some administrative duties as well as attending and representing Ireland at meetings at the OECD and UNESCO. The interns work closely with diplomatic staff in the relevant policy areas.

The two internships offer an opportunity to those interested in international politics and economics to experience how multilateral bodies like the OECD and UNESCO work to foster global co-operation.  Interns will experience how the OECD carries out high-quality research and develops policy responses to challenges across a range of economic and public policy areas (including development, trade, education, innovation, health services and energy).  Interns will observe and assist how Ireland contributes to OECD policy making and how it seeks to benefit from the wealth of OECD expertise.  Interns will also be able to see how an important UN body like UNESCO operates in a very challenging environment and fulfills its multiple missions.  Interns will assist Ireland's participation in UNESCO activities, including EU-coordination and UNESCO's support for Ireland's broad cultural heritage. Interns are assigned to work in-depth with a specific organisation with scope to explore the other as interest and opportunities dictate.

The Mission would endeavour to give interns an experience that would be of value to those who might wish to pursue career opportunities in diplomacy, public policy and administration, international bodies and international business.

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