Graduate Software Developer - Core Systems (NI) Ltd

Core Systems is a software development company that develops innovative solutions for individuals in the Criminal Justice sector.  The software is currently in use in the US, Europe and Australia. 

THE ROLE (FUSION Project) – 12 Month Duration

The aim for this project proposal is to design and develop a fully automated software deployment pipeline by re-designing & refactoring the existing code base towards a micro services architecture. This will allow the software to be modularised with different elements able to easily plug together to meet individual customer needs.

The result will be a new product offering from Core Systems (NI) Ltd developed upon fully automated end to end deployment pipeline. These targets will support Core Systems to minimize manual functions as part of the software development lifecycle; facilitate focus on the actual product from test and development perspectives; enable scale, code reuse and workflow creation.

Reporting to the Company Supervisor, you will be employed by Core Systems (NI) Ltd to lead this InterTradeIreland FUSION project in partnership with the Athlone Institute of Technology.  As part of this role you will be required to undertake a Postgraduate Diploma in Business & Management, from the William J. Clinton Leadership Institute at Queen’s University, Belfast. This is fully funded by InterTradeIreland. The skills learned through the Diploma will enhance your personal, professional and managerial capabilities and will provide you with the necessary and valuable business skills to help you undertake your project role. The company will fully support you throughout this by factoring in the required time off to attend modules and workshops. 

Main Duties

  • To carry out the tasks outlined in the project workplan and liaise with your Company and Academic Supervisors on an ongoing basis.
  • To convene and service monthly technical meetings with the core project team (Graduate, Company Supervisor and Academic Supervisor)
  • To report formally on a quarterly basis on progress with the workplan to a Project Management Group (PMG), this includes the assigned FUSION Consultant representing InterTradeIreland.
  • To train staff so that the new technology is fully transferred and embedded in the company
  • To work closely with the academic partner and travel to the academic institute as required.
  • To undertake the Postgraduate Diploma in Business & Management, attending course modules and workshops.
  • Any other duties which might fall within the general ambit of the post.        


Essential Criteria

Candidates must possess:

  1. Minimum of (2.1)degree in Software Development/Computer Science/Business Computing
  2. Knowledge/Experience in: C# / ASP.NET / Web Services   
  3. Legally permitted to work in BOTH the UK and EU.

Desirable Criteria

  1. Unit Testing
  2. Javascript
  3. API creation
  4. Entity Framework
  5. Android
  6. SQL Database Design
  7. Agile Development Processes
  8. Some of: GIT, Jenkins, Docker, Maven, Hudson
  9. Experience of working within industry dev/test role

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